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Two-Rail Vinyl Fences

At Vinyl Fence Forever, we sell a wide variety of vinyl fencing. Choose from a nearly endless selection of colours and styles to find the perfect fence for your home and backyard. A popular option amongst homeowners looking to maximize privacy and security is a two-rail fence. Our Two-Rail Vinyl Fences feature 5 ¼” rails and tongue-and-groove pickets.

What is a Two-Rail Fence?

A two-rail fence takes advantage of the durability and aesthetic appeal of a classic vinyl fence while providing maximum privacy for you and your family. Two-rail fencing reduces all external visibility in your yard to provide enhanced security. This is especially useful for protecting a backyard pool and ensuring you and your family feel safe and secure in your own outdoor living space. 

Why Choose a Vinyl Fence? 

When picking the material for a fence, there are many benefits to selecting a vinyl fence. Unlike traditional fencing made of wood or chain link, vinyl fences have a longer lifespan and are unparalleled in their ability to maintain their aesthetic over time. Vinyl fences do not fade, warp, or rot and come in a variety of styles and colours to suit any home. Without requiring painting or maintenance, vinyl fences can maintain their colour for years. Superior durability and weatherability ensure your vinyl fence appears brand new even after surviving years of harsh Canadian winters.  

Two Rail Vinyl Fence Options at Vinyl Fence Forever

Depending on your desired aesthetic and security level, Vinyl Fence Forever currently sells two types of two-rail fencing. The first is a closed gap model that provides full coverage to the top of the fence. This provides maximum privacy and security for your backyard. The second model includes a lattice top to provide privacy and security while facilitating additional views beyond the backyard. Many people choose a lattice top in order to allow vines and other plants to fill in the lattice. This provides increased greenery and privacy within your backyard. No matter what aesthetic you are looking for, a vinyl fence provides an endless number of ways to customize your fencing. Choose from almost any colour imaginable and from a variety of styles to ensure your fence fits with the overall design of your home and outdoor living space.

At Vinyl Fence Forever, we are committed to providing our customers with a long-lasting vinyl fence that will provide years of privacy and protection with little to no maintenance. Vinyl fences maintain their colour without warping, rotting, or fading over time, allowing you to maintain the appearance of a freshly painted fence for years. 

For more information on vinyl fencing and the available models at Vinyl Fence Forever, contact our team today at 416-746-8080. Easily request a free quote or discuss your questions and concerns related to a new vinyl fence. We can also help walk you through our catalog of products and styles to help you select the perfect model to fit your home and backyard.

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